The Pen and Paint Brush
by Kene J. Rosa

French born Jean-Luc Sanhes is a modern day Neo Romanticist. A self-taught, multi-talented artist whose life experiences are many and they inform his works.

A noted figure in the French skateboarding world, Sanhes exchanged the skateboard for the pen and paint brush.

His pieces have a transparent wash-like veneer that is anchored by his Tchelitchew drawings of figures. The effect of his technique render his works into surrealistic masterpieces like those of Leonid Berman and Jean Cocteau.

The subject matter varies, with a focus on the human figure. His use of transparent color give his canvasses a three dimensional quality that is achieved by these layers. Sanhes' works have a smooth and subtle surface that acts like a protective cover for the incised figure drawings.

At times considered an "Outsider Artist", Sanhes has the proficiency and eloquence of an academically trained painter. His drawings are strong, his colors evocative and his subjects are comfortably depicted in their environment.

His works are in notable European collections and he has also collaborated with the world of Haute Couture. From skateboard to canvas board, Sanhes' talent is obvious in his oeuvre.